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The World Is Switching To Paraben-Free Products. Here’s Why.

For a few years, mainstream media and social media have constantly discussed the dangers posed by parabens. However, we have not come across much clarification on why they should be avoided. 

We list three important reasons for you to consider replacing your regular skincare products that contain parabens with better options like paraben-free body wash and other cleaning products.

1 – They contain preservatives: Check the ingredients list of your body care product. If they contain methyl butyl-, ethyl-, and propyl parabens, you can ensure they are filled with preservatives. The purpose of these chemicals is to prevent the growth of bacteria and increase the shelf-life of the product. 

2 – Can cause hormonal imbalance: These chemicals are known to intervene with hormone levels. According to one study, there was a decrease in menstrual cycle length in women who had increased levels of parabens in their urine. 

Another study indicates that parabens mimic the effect of estrogen in the body. Raised estrogen levels in the body can cause both normal and cancerous breast cells to grow and divide.

3 – They accelerate aging: Cheap chemicals and preservatives can cause premature aging. For example, methylparaben is responsible for collagen degradation and can cause cell depletion. 

If you wish to prevent early signs of aging, choose only products free from paraben and sulfate.

Final word

Products with parabens have gained a bad reputation over the years due to the way they are made and their being potential carcinogens. Only opt for plant-derived ingredients and natural alternatives to parabens. To buy healthy paraben-free body wash, please visit Skinsational Scents.


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